Fighting in the Age of Loneliness: Supercut edition

29-Dek, 2020
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This is entirely thanks to you. We have reached one-million subscribers and that feels very wild to finally get to say. We'll have more in store, but to start things off wanted to show our appreciation by offering the repackaged Fighting in the Age of Loneliness in its entirety.
Jon Bois and Felix Biederman put together this documentary a few years ago, beginning the process in 2017 and publishing it in November 2018. A lot of you weren't around back then, a lot of you might not have watched all of our stuff back then, a lot of you might need an excuse to kill two hours right now. Jon's work has meant so much to our team and to our audience for a long time now so we felt there was no better way to say "thank you" than with this special project.
We truly can't express our gratitude enough. The community here that you have helped us build means the world to us, and it's something we never even expected could really be achieved. This won't be the last time we say it, but thank you.
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  • er...UZworld can't decide if we're for sure at 1 million or not. Whatever, point stands, this is our way of saying thank you.

    Secret BaseSecret Base4 oy oldin
    • Did you really say "and it never leaved some people" instead of it never left some people when you were talking about the recession of 2008?

      Jordan WiserJordan Wiser15 soat oldin
    • Incredible documentary! Honestly I think you have easily bested the larger establishments in bio journalism

      Drone AdventuresDrone AdventuresKun oldin
    • @Alejandro Alva 🤔

      So It GoesSo It Goes3 kun oldin
    • @Alonzo Hugo Yup, I've been using flixzone for months myself :)

      Marvin OttoMarvin Otto11 kun oldin
    • a tip: watch movies at flixzone. I've been using them for watching a lot of movies these days.

      Alonzo HugoAlonzo Hugo11 kun oldin
  • Absolute shame Kazushi Sakuraba got snubbed in the PrideFC chapter.

    RP McMurphyRP McMurphy7 soat oldin
  • That has to be the most convoluted route to Orange man bad ever...

    Frankfurt 13Frankfurt 138 soat oldin
  • That pointless merging of American politics and MMA fighting just tarnished this video. Why mention Reagan when he had nothing to do with MMA? Or Clinton and Political Correctness? You ruined a great documentary by peppering in your own political ideological view, without tying it to the narrative. It's not like I even disagree with your politics. It's just that it has nothing to do with the story, so I found myself rolling my eyes and trying to skip ahead. I get you are trying to be "poetic" but it just sounds like "pouting" - get over it, and focus on the fighting man.

    King ZappKing Zapp12 soat oldin
  • I just think how great it would be if you actually investigated the root of all the real evil and self destructiveworld problems that leads to this crap.. Israel and the attack of the USS Liberty would be a good start...the doc 911 missing links would be good to watch if it's still around

    [ Bravo-Alpha•7•3•2•][ Bravo-Alpha•7•3•2•]21 soat oldin
  • Fantastic documentry! 👏

    Drone AdventuresDrone AdventuresKun oldin
  • This is awesome

    Ryan RothwellRyan RothwellKun oldin
  • Why is half this video just about American politics?

    SquangSquangKun oldin
    • It's also pointlessly about American politics. It adds nothing to the narrative

      King ZappKing Zapp12 soat oldin
  • I didn't want this documentary to end. Where can I find more like it

    AbsoluteKiNg92AbsoluteKiNg92Kun oldin
  • "americans are slow to anger" (????) .... are always seeking the peacefull avenues (????) desillusion coming from a lifetime sipping the cool aide

    Fong PontoFong Ponto2 kun oldin
  • Republican much?

    masterofbuttercreammasterofbuttercream2 kun oldin
  • Racially charged ?

    masterofbuttercreammasterofbuttercream2 kun oldin
  • WTF is that Silva opening about? Are you insane? :D

    Mico RadovicMico Radovic2 kun oldin
  • 7:06 I thought Nick Diaz was on the weed not steroids

    93 Til Infinity Steez4793 Til Infinity Steez472 kun oldin
  • I'm 10 minutes in and feel like I illegally downloaded this to watch it. You honestly could have charged for this, and when people would find out how good it is, you'd make a ton of money.

    GummyGummy2 kun oldin
  • 1:55:20

    JV JVJV JV3 kun oldin
  • To be honest, I stopped watching the UFC a long time ago, and I can’t stand Dana, but other than that, this was an excellent documentary! Seeing some of the early footage again reminds me of the time when I would buy EVERY pay-per-view regardless of the card. When fights were a big deal, and the fighters actually stood out from one another. Now it seems as if there’s an event every other week and the fighters are just a carbon copy of each other.

    dayonedayone3 kun oldin
  • Helio is fkn crazy. Rly ispirational. Honor. Warrior

    lukas schmittlukas schmitt3 kun oldin
  • Thumbnail foreshadowing

    EmilioEmilio3 kun oldin
  • Full circle, weidmans leg has broken the exact same way....

    Michael AndersonMichael Anderson5 kun oldin
  • It’s 2021, and this is still GORGEOUS.

    ianAEFianAEF6 kun oldin
  • Tremendous

    David WarnerDavid Warner6 kun oldin
  • I watched this while I was WAY TO HIGH on some lsd and it totally saved me! It turned into one of the most fun times I’ve ever had it literally felt like I was in a time machine I can’t even explain it but you made a wonderful piece of art here!!!!!

    amfam100amfam1006 kun oldin
  • In all seriousness, this is one of the most well put together and comprehensive documentaries I’ve ever seen. Your production value is so high for what likely amounts to 1 or 2 passionate guys using final cut lol. Even the way in which you bounce around and contextualize everything is seriously amazing, I felt that 2006 nostalgia hard. and also just very tasteful. I will forever be a subscriber and a fan

    Adam CoxAdam Cox6 kun oldin
  • Trump saved the UFC get rekt libs

    Adam CoxAdam Cox6 kun oldin
  • The ending gave me chills. But I found it terrible. Your chances are never zero until you give up.

    Mason PhilpottMason Philpott7 kun oldin
  • Thanks for this

    mech20310mech203108 kun oldin
  • I love donald Trump 💯

    M DieselM Diesel8 kun oldin
  • get your politics out of my fighting losers

    chance2413chance24138 kun oldin
    • If your dumbass had actually watched the docu, you would have seen that POLITICS and POLITICIANS were the ones who tried to wedge their grubby hands into the sport. So Jon and Felix have every right to talk about it. And what do ya know? It was a Republican who tried to get his hands into it and tried to make it illegal. Good ol John McCain, a guy y'all worshipped till that orange ball of spray tan said he didn't like him, then you turned on him instantly.

      ElakElak2 kun oldin
    • big man behind the keyboard are ya surprise, politics are already in our fighting, you were just slow on the uptake

      Olav DehnOlav Dehn8 kun oldin
  • That was epic...

    Luke C-YLuke C-Y8 kun oldin
  • Good quality but irritatingly one sided in the political negativity.

    DouglasDouglas8 kun oldin
  • Economic capitalism works great for the industrial war complex

    TarikTarik8 kun oldin
  • This was very well-done. I like the way you organized the information with the charts. This deserves an award.

    vidformvidform8 kun oldin
  • "The other remains to be seen." Me watching after Weidman snapped his leg in the same way 😳😳😳

    Comedy Night Prank Call RadioComedy Night Prank Call Radio8 kun oldin
  • Touch gloves and fight wow... speechless amazing video

    Happycab555Happycab5558 kun oldin
  • Do 10 pushups for every f-bomb.

    Mikus PalmisMikus Palmis9 kun oldin
  • watched this over the span of a few weeks, this is a whole ass movie and so well done wow

    jcoupsjcoups9 kun oldin
  • I truly thought Silva was unbeatable. I didn't like him cuz he was Brazilian and I wanted an American champ, but when he finally lost I didn't want to believe it for some reason lol. When he lost again I felt a strange sadness, that the invincible spider was gone - either due to his ego/legend being disproven or age.

    AcesahnAcesahn9 kun oldin
  • Had to run this back after seeing Weidman pull a Silva...

    Joshua PJoshua P9 kun oldin
  • still hate the fact that there is no mention of the Sabaki Challenge in this video. It was there first, and set up the precedent that allowed UFC1 to take place in Denver.

    How to Suck at GamingHow to Suck at Gaming9 kun oldin
  • But what if I want WANT to play Sexy Lady Dragon Castle Guy??

    David FaltermanDavid Falterman9 kun oldin
  • Fascinating

    GoPioneersLaser0GoPioneersLaser010 kun oldin
  • I’m not fuct too. I don’t need the kardashians or mma or talk shows or any entertainment to rally my spirit to survive or fame or belonging. I just need to understand the unhinged wannabes, and to understand that runnning with the pack is just what those types need. The fans and participants just need to feel like they belong. We all want that but really we don’t need it do we.

    steven mckinnonsteven mckinnon10 kun oldin
  • I liked Silva way more than Machida. Machida ran too much for me

    David walker jrDavid walker jr10 kun oldin
  • Lmao someone is so worried about his image, they didn’t want to put Trump in the opening scenes lmao. You can always tell a persons morals by what he puts in front of you

    David walker jrDavid walker jr10 kun oldin
  • An excellent documentary, rendered inferior due to political bias. Learnt a lot from this, including what not to do while making a documentary.

    Gaan AamarGaan Aamar11 kun oldin
    • literally told the history of mma through the lens of american self-center-ness

      Nash TichyNash Tichy10 kun oldin
    • what are u talking about lol

      Hell FireHell Fire10 kun oldin
  • loved this up until you start talking about how diaz was "so astronomically stoned he couldnt feel anything" lmao how stupid can you get, you take a 1000mg edible and see if that makes nothing hurt for 25 mins, still love this channel but thats just absurd lol

    aidan reedaidan reed11 kun oldin
  • “The bloodless brutality of life” is very poetic

    Jenniferocious BJenniferocious B11 kun oldin
  • Man... Watching this after seeing what happened to Weidman's leg at UFC 261 makes me feel real melancholy.

    The Clam RamThe Clam Ram12 kun oldin
  • Chael didn’t quit, he tapped. Big difference.

    Aram GrigoryanAram Grigoryan12 kun oldin
  • This is effing depressing, but so is life

    Viktor vhViktor vh12 kun oldin
  • You don't shoot pure Testosterone into your veins. 😂

    Lindsey OrmsbeeLindsey Ormsbee12 kun oldin
  • This would be great if it wasn't for the obnoxious and irrelevant shoehorned political/economic narrative tied in.

    Christopher HansenChristopher Hansen12 kun oldin
    • @SlipperyJimmy lol he's really a dummy

      CarlosCarlos11 kun oldin
    • Lol you dummy.

      SlipperyJimmySlipperyJimmy11 kun oldin
  • This is so perfect

    Mark Graham Jr.Mark Graham Jr.12 kun oldin
  • This dude is legit annoying, and I really wish I had not watched this. It's way too political.

    bigdickmountainlionslayerbigdickmountainlionslayer12 kun oldin
    • bush is that you?

      Nash TichyNash Tichy10 kun oldin
  • thank to those who translated it to Languages !

    sai daysai day12 kun oldin
  • The best thing I've watched on UZworld

    Jesse CJesse C12 kun oldin
  • 29:01 "Shamrock seems intense and cool in an embarrassing 1990s way..." I'm 43 and there was nothing embarrassing about the cool stuff in the 90s to me!

    UltradudeUltradude12 kun oldin
  • Helio's "never tap in a fight" attitude was passed down to his sons Royler and Royce. Neither have tapped in a MMA fight nor a BJJ match despite being caught in a locked in submissions or have been seriously injured.

    UltradudeUltradude12 kun oldin
  • Who’s here after history repeated itself against weidman

    Patrick HovardPatrick Hovard12 kun oldin
  • Coming back from the weidman kick

    Mark F MeadeMark F Meade12 kun oldin
  • ufc fans are too stupid to understand this me included. i only watched thec last 15 minutes

    Steven CsenteriSteven Csenteri12 kun oldin
  • Would be so tight if you just focused on the sport the doc is about instead of sprinkling in your political opinions

    Dustyrabit DustyrabitDustyrabit Dustyrabit13 kun oldin
    • @Nash Tichy the politics added into this have nothing to do with the sport they barely mentioned the pc culture trying to ruin the sport at its inception they literally just peppered in their own politics for no reason

      Dustyrabit DustyrabitDustyrabit Dustyrabit10 kun oldin
    • it would be cool if there were no such thing as politics and we could watch these fights in a vacuum, but they do and we can’t so here we are

      Nash TichyNash Tichy10 kun oldin
    • Getting the commies from chapo was not a good sign

      PyrusPyrus12 kun oldin
  • Watching this days after Weidman broke his leg the same way Silva did...good ol algorithms eh

    Genaro FloresGenaro Flores13 kun oldin
  • So surreal watching the beginning of this after what happened to Chris this weekend

    Jim BeanJim Bean13 kun oldin
  • Came expecting entertainment, left with existential angst

    AttentionAttention13 kun oldin
  • A great video marred by bouts of political agenda that has no place here. When politics are used as a side analogy within a documentary, only use facts, not opinions that you deem as fact based on your current beliefs.

    OoogaBoogOoogaBoog13 kun oldin
  • Who here after Weidman broke his leg like Silva?

    Charlie GetzCharlie Getz14 kun oldin
  • Dudes rock

    Lil MaoLil Mao14 kun oldin
  • The intro hits even harder now after Weidman's moment with a second ankle at shin hight against Uriah Hall

    NotFortheMoonayNotFortheMoonay14 kun oldin
  • This was a great watch! Although as an MMA fan I've been witness to most of the talking points, I really enjoyed the pre-history of the sport you showed. Again, excellent job!

    Bizzle ABizzle A14 kun oldin
  • Anyone here again after Weidman leg break...

    SilverWallabySilverWallaby14 kun oldin
    • O hey

      Lore 25Lore 2514 kun oldin
    • This comment is literally why im back on this video

      JayBasementJayBasement14 kun oldin
  • new favorite video

    Black RosesBlack Roses14 kun oldin
  • Here I am again, after UFC 261

    Clint PageClint Page14 kun oldin
  • What I expected: Psychological analysis of the rise of fighting in the reduced sense of agency in man starting in the 1990s / the hyper commercialized and increasingly isolated nature of culture in technologically advanced western society, fully realized by the portrayal showed in fight club. It could show how the bond and respect fighters can gain in the sport through training together is a light in the lonely technologically oversaturated and emotionally substanceless darkness, and the UFC's conflict of interest in being part of that commercialization What I got: 70% excellent mma history / analysis of the different storylines of the fighters and companies, particularly the unethical practices in pride, and 30% typical chapo political wankfest

    Chaotic SatireChaotic Satire14 kun oldin
  • That was awesome. Thank you

    Drama EntDrama Ent14 kun oldin
  • Just happened to find this the day after Weidman snapped his leg..

    Joe TroynerJoe Troyner15 kun oldin
  • History of UFC

    Daniel RuspiniDaniel Ruspini15 kun oldin
  • The script is saturated in Marxist-Leninist class analysis and capitalist critique, entirely derivative of fight club....nice visuals though.

    MacFaoinsgeulMacFaoinsgeul15 kun oldin
    • @BloodOrange lol that line of reasoning sounds like mccarthyism

      Nash TichyNash Tichy10 kun oldin
    • Criticism of neo-liberalism = Marxism? Hmmmm

      BloodOrangeBloodOrange14 kun oldin
  • That over sharpened look of these clips really makes it seem as if you're talking about a alternative dimension

    DiegoDiego15 kun oldin
  • Who's here after Weidman just broke his leg like Silva?

    C.P_ EditsC.P_ Edits15 kun oldin
  • 6:16 and then one day, Weidman ended up with his own broken leg. Just goes to show you can’t stay on top forever...

    ThatOneRacerThatOneRacer15 kun oldin
    • Unbelievable how that happened last night

      YHBTSTLLYHBTSTLL15 kun oldin
  • face it. BUSh family are still running this country ....and R c c roman catholic church . we are the new Atlantis

    Jimmy JONESJimmy JONES15 kun oldin
    • Both the Bushes and the Vatican are dinosaurs whose influence have been waning for decades. They are not powerful or competent enough to conspire their way out of a paper bag.

      NarokkuraiNarokkurai15 kun oldin
  • I thought the amazing film was ending 10 minutes in.. Ohh boy was I..

    Bob RossBob Ross16 kun oldin
  • Capitalism ruins everything it touches.

    Tarquinius SuperbusTarquinius Superbus17 kun oldin
  • Taking that win from Diaz was bullshit. Weed doesn´t work like that.

    Diogo BeckerDiogo Becker17 kun oldin
  • Not enough focus on Carlsson on that family tree, awesome documentary though.

    Diogo BeckerDiogo Becker17 kun oldin
  • Mostly great video, but why were you so lenient on Jon Jones? That man was one of the dirtiest fighters in the sport. He intentionally gauged at eyes, kicked at the balls, and went for career-ending knee kicks whenever he could. The man was an absolute scumbag in the ring and you oddly never mentioned it. You instead tried to make him sympathetic, but the man was truly awful and unsportsmanlike.

    TrueUnderDawgGamingTrueUnderDawgGaming17 kun oldin
    • @BloodOrange crackheads love crackheads

      B KarrB Karr10 kun oldin
    • Jon Jones is the goat stay mad

      BloodOrangeBloodOrange14 kun oldin
    • theres obviously some bias

      KskullKskull16 kun oldin
  • I would love to see you do one of these on skateboarding. It's almost the exact same story. Rebel, outsider activity becomes mainstream, watered-down, even while the skateboarders develop much higher levels of skill but lose a lot of individuality.

    Mike MillerMike Miller17 kun oldin
    • Pretty good observation actually. Lots of parallels.

      YHBTSTLLYHBTSTLL15 kun oldin
  • why is this such a good doc

    Daniel TDaniel T17 kun oldin
  • McCain was a Vietnam veteran and thought this was brutal and dangerous...interesting...

    natecarlo45natecarlo4518 kun oldin
  • That ad sequence starting 1:28:02 is gold

    Li PanLi Pan18 kun oldin
  • still dunno what I watched, but way better than youtube trends. Thanks for making this historical recount of new world fighting.

    jaze0187jaze018718 kun oldin
  • All the navegating thru the timelines is a visual language on its own! Congrats on the good work!

    LenãoDo7LenãoDo719 kun oldin
  • Lol I wish this guys version of Ronald Reagan had actually existed.

    Ryan PybusRyan Pybus19 kun oldin
  • 3:25

    Charlie SuttonCharlie Sutton19 kun oldin
  • I feel like i need to do some molly after watching this

    brother bonebrother bone20 kun oldin
  • Everything is incredible. Just faaaaaaaar too dramatic at times.

    Lis AsllanajLis Asllanaj20 kun oldin
  • Gladiators were beloved, seldom long lived.

    Smasher BluesSmasher Blues20 kun oldin
  • This is too good for a youtube video.

    KoburaSamaKoburaSama20 kun oldin