Cam Newton’s iconic comeback against Alabama deserves a deep rewind

28-Noy, 2020
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The Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn is one of the fiercest rivalries in all of sports. It’s an in-state battle for bragging rights that never seems to end, whether there’s a game going on or not. Headed into the 75th Iron bowl in 2010, the stakes were a little different than normal. Instead of the Alabama Crimson Tide faithful gearing their hate towards the Auburn population as a whole, this time out they were more focused. They targeted Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton.
Cam had made himself an easy target. Besides being the clear favorite for the Heisman trophy and leading his team to an undefeated record, Cam carried a lot of baggage from his previous stops. Before suiting up with Auburn, he started his collegiate career with the University of Florida. With the Gators he was more famously known off the field for stealing a laptop and possibly facing expulsion for academic misconduct. Fast forward to his 2010 season, and Cam and his father were being investigated by the NCAA for an alleged pay-for-play deal with Mississippi State. So yeah, even before the game kicked off the drama surrounding the nation’s best player that year was already intense.
Once the game did kick off, Auburn was quickly reminded of how aggressive their Crimson Tide opponent was. Despite having a subpar year by their standards with a 9-2 record, the 2010 Alabama Crimson Tide team was coming off a championship, with a roster full of players who would go on to see quality NFL time. They opened up the game with a 24-0 lead early in the second quarter. But when you’re up against a quarterback as talented as Cam Newton, even a 24 point lead isn’t safe. To fully understand one of the greatest comebacks in college football, you need to understand the rivalry, the role reversal between these teams, and how a quarterback with the odds stacked against him rose to the top.
To do all that, let’s rewind.
Written and produced by: Joe Ali (@mrkangaroopkts)
Directed & edited by: Ryan Simmons (@rysimmons)
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  • I'm a simple man. I see something about 'Bama losing, I click. I'm not even an Auburn fan - I just get sick of seeing the same names at the top all the time.

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  • This the fortnite voice over guy for Prestige on instagram

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  • Auburn made a 'hero' out of cam newton... ...but carolina couldn't make him a 'legend' by just jumping on the ball during that Superbowl 50 fumble. You know the one I'm talking about 😉 Why so serious!? 🃏😈

    Charlie MartinezCharlie Martinez15 kun oldin
  • 8 ain't enough for a National championship. *Remembers 2020 Ohio State going into the Championship game with a 7-0 record*

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  • this guy is a terrible narrator. terrible.

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  • I’m only here for Cam Newton 🗣‼️🔥

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  • This is my all time favorite game as a huge Auburn fan. I got Cam's jersey and everything after this season it waa amazing!! WAR EAGLE

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  • 0:29 He was a five star recruit out of HS, and the 5 star #1 ranked QB out of JoCo. He wasn’t close to an underdog 😂 Everyone knew Cam had generational Heisman talent.

    That Native KingThat Native KingOy oldin
  • Fun fact: They outscored Alabama 28-3

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  • Cam Newton is washed up he was good until he meet von miller in the superbowl

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  • An "underdog" qb...?

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  • Do the Memorial Day Miracle by Shawn Elliot...the shot that launched a dynasty...1999 WCF

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  • Was in attendance at this game. Regardless of my Alabama loyalty, I look back at this as one of the best games of the rivalry and one of the best games I’ve ever seen

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  • Guz was not auburn coach at the time.

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  • Cam Newton is the best college football player over

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  • I guess the Auburn defense holding Bama to 3 2nd half points doesn't get any love...

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  • I'm actually a big fan of Cam, but I love how it's 'accepted' that his dad _was_ going to take 100 grand for his son to play at Mississippi State, but nah he went to Auburn for free lol. Yeahhh right.

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  • I'll die on the hill that if Cam played RB he's a Hall of Famer and he was not a good QB.

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  • Kinda forgot that Cam has always been a dummy

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  • that laptop thing sounded so fishy like a set up

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  • Cam Newton steals a laptop, Florida gives him the boot. Aaron Hernandez is suspected of shooting 2 dudes outside of a nightclub, Florida says, "allegedly".

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  • Being an Alabama fan, I had a deep respect for Newton and the Tigers that year. To take on your “big brother” and take not only the bragging rights in state, and in the Nation. That was a fun year for the guys on the Plains. They may still hold on to that and the Kick-Six to this day, but 2010 was definitely the year to be an Auburn Tiger fan. RIP Lutz and RIP Rob Bramblett.

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