All hell broke loose after the Vikings failed to draft a player before time ran out

28-Apr, 2021
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Ever wonder what happens if a team runs out of time in the NFL Draft? Well, in 2003, the Minnesota Vikings did just that when they were on the clock with the 7th overall pick. While trying to make a trade happen, they let their entire 10 minutes run up and gifted all of us with a little draft day chaos.
Thankfully, the brilliant and forever wise NFL foresaw such stupidity and had some rules in place to make sure everyone knew what to do. Of course, what I mean by that, is the NFL just created a complete scramble drill that sent everyone into overdrive. Just perfect planning.
Hosted by Will Buikema and Clara Morris
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    Secret BaseSecret Base12 kun oldin
    • @Leroy Khari these flick zone bots are everywhere nowadays omds

      joy magombajoy magombaKun oldin
    • @Ignacio Kameron definitely, have been using flixzone for since november myself :)

      Leroy KhariLeroy KhariKun oldin
    • pro tip : watch series on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies lately.

      Ignacio KameronIgnacio KameronKun oldin
    • Im happy to see weird rules again, i hate sports and my entire life but this segment of your youtube show gives my life some meaning. Thank you for making it all happen, making the existance of reality worth existing otherwise it would all be for nothing.

      Jacob CaudillJacob Caudill9 kun oldin
    • cringe

      ToralityTorality10 kun oldin
  • If this wasn’t bad enough, they went and DID THE SAME THING THE FOLLOW YEAR 🤦‍♂️

    Grier GentryGrier Gentry38 daqiqa oldin
  • Clara ftw!

    Gary BarberGary Barber5 soat oldin
  • They did get something out of it... The later the pick the lower the salary and signing bonus.

    T JohnsonT Johnson11 soat oldin
  • Clara looking good tho 😎

    Aaron PerryAaron PerryKun oldin
  • 1959 NFL Draft: Green Bay on the clock for #1 pick: GM: "Wait, I have to take a poopy" Announcer: With the first overall pick in the 1959 NFL Draft Green Bay selects Ah Pupi, middle linebacker for the Mangolia Marauders, 5' 3", 135 lb without horse. (Note: his horse was drafted separately in the 4th round by the Chicago Bears)

    William HartleyWilliam HartleyKun oldin
  • the conspiracy theory that the jags sabotaged the vikings pick by continuously calling the league is better than any Qanon conspiracy i've heard yet lmfao

    The Galactic Time TravelerThe Galactic Time TravelerKun oldin
  • I thoughy the league should have done away with the 10 minute pick time for a 5 minute pick time years ago. If you go the course.of an entire year from draft to draft and dont already know who you want to pick, along with a long list of backup options then you probably shouldnt be an NFL GM. I dont even want to hear about draft boards changing because of a player falling. Never change your board for a player that falls. Ted Thompson formerly the GM of the Green Bay Packers and far and away the best draft and develope GM Ive ever seen, said himself his #1 rule was to ALWAYS stick to your board. Dont be lured away by the slanderous reports leaked to the media about a player. Dont fall for the kid dropping down the boards. Stick to your guns. Thompson has also stated that since the 2011 CBA rookie salary cap, in this new youth era of play that has a TON of pro ready draft talent, that teams should be looking to trade back alot more to create as many opportunities to aquire young talent as possible. Its believe that there are people starving out there without a dime in their pocket, and yet somehow there are league GMs that are millionaires who cant gt a pick sent in promptly. Cut that round one pick time in half, its fkn stupid.

    Brian BeldenBrian Belden2 kun oldin
  • Marvels squirrel girl!

    Oddball SkullOddball Skull2 kun oldin
  • A lifelong Vikings fan sent a letter to the team asking if they would send 6 teammates to his funeral so the team could let him down one last tim

    mk mcnmk mcn2 kun oldin
  • Vikes are same team that made sorry ass cousins highest paid player ever...and worst, extended his contract despite routine failure!

    WorldFlexWorldFlex3 kun oldin
  • Those Super Bowl rings next time will blot the memory of this blunder

    Clinton ReisigClinton Reisig3 kun oldin
  • I don't know who this girl is but can she read for audible. Please

    Austin MartinAustin Martin3 kun oldin
  • who thought this guy talking was alex honnold before his picture popped up??

    Ronald GilmoreRonald Gilmore3 kun oldin
  • As a Jacksonville resident my whole life, I hate this. Because they picked Byron freaking Leftwich. But I'm also happy because I'm also a Ravens fan and they ended up with Terrell Suggs.

    Andrew LeAndrew Le3 kun oldin
  • Instead of filling eight minutes of video with mindless banter, they might want to mention that Minnesota drafted future Pro Bowler Kevin Williams.

    Jim WertherJim Werther3 kun oldin
  • This lady's nervous laughter is sickening

    SlicedBreadSlicedBread3 kun oldin
  • Oh get a room already?

    Michael HallMichael Hall3 kun oldin
  • Please stop talking in the beginning

    cptamazing12cptamazing123 kun oldin
  • Clara a perfect 10/10

    JustAnotherVictoryJustAnotherVictory3 kun oldin
  • No...not the vikings! They can't even make sure they got their pick/deal done. How does anyone expect them to win anything? Vikings will throw a 2 yard pass when its 3rd and 13 in preparation to punt the ball on 4th down. Like giving up is their best quality.

    SBLSBL4 kun oldin
  • Jokes on Jaguars, Leftwich sucked.

    The Nimble NinjaThe Nimble Ninja4 kun oldin
  • This was beyond sad a team would allow this to happen, but ultimately they picked the guy they wanted anyhow.

    Gabe SGabe S4 kun oldin
  • Wikipedia 2003 Draft uses the word consummate as well.

    Luke MalmLuke Malm4 kun oldin
  • Ravens screwed the Vikings.

    mntwins28mntwins284 kun oldin
  • Back when this happened, teams had 15 minutes to make the decision.

    Sean GarnerSean Garner4 kun oldin
  • Ravens used to be the Cleveland Browns, and screwed over Cleveland back in the day. So why is this so surprising that they would screw over the Vikings

    michael husarmichael husar5 kun oldin
  • This is the most Minnesotan sports thing to ever happen

    Jango FettJango Fett5 kun oldin
  • They may not have "consumated" the deal, but the Ravens did f@&% the Vikings a little

    jimminy bunkwhackjimminy bunkwhack5 kun oldin
  • Every team has their BIG FAUX PAS in their history. This is the one that always comes to everyone’s mind for the Vikings

    KC The Sledge Story TellerKC The Sledge Story Teller5 kun oldin
  • Okay, this was from decades ago when Mike Tice was the coach. Roger Goodell wasn't even commissioner then. It was Paul Tagliabue. Certainly there are other Vikings screw ups that are more current and relatable (see Rick Speilman).

    Gordon StewartGordon Stewart5 kun oldin
  • Don't give Belechick any ideas.

    Badguy10472Badguy104725 kun oldin
  • Why is the women in the video... Not necessary

    Parker AndersonParker Anderson5 kun oldin
  • You guys forgot to mention that with the pick the Vikings drafted a future Hall of Famer. So yes, egg on their face. But in the end they actually benefited, because they got the same guy, and his contract was slightly cheaper because of the lower draft slot.

    Alexander ChesterAlexander Chester5 kun oldin
  • artist deserves MVP of this video..

    iamrichrockeriamrichrocker5 kun oldin
  • this video format is awful

    thesupermariogalaxy1thesupermariogalaxy15 kun oldin
  • Teams had 15 minutes to make their first round pick in 2003, not 10 minutes.

    MvG SportsMvG Sports5 kun oldin
  • Gerais get rid of this woman..this channel would be 👌if she would disappear. Quit trying to appease everyone and always remember. "GET WOKE GO BROKE"

    Nick schmitzNick schmitz5 kun oldin
  • This format is gay, go back to interviews

    im an irish thingim an irish thing6 kun oldin
  • I don't watch this channel much... does she have any idea what you're talking about lol

    Ohio Against The WorldOhio Against The World6 kun oldin
  • They wound up getting a HOFer so it worked out

    Based JirenBased Jiren6 kun oldin
  • Just another reason to hate Baltimore

    Noah DossNoah Doss6 kun oldin
  • Boycott the NATIONAL Felons league!

    Jim cookJim cook6 kun oldin
  • Did they just say they couldn’t do a single math question within 10 minutes though?.. lmao

    Corey GreenCorey Green6 kun oldin
  • This video would be so much better if it weren’t for looking at 2 talking heads

    Jarod HembreeJarod Hembree6 kun oldin
  • Sigh I knew this video would be made eventually. I do blame the Ravens, but Tice and the FO should have been more on the ball. On the brightside, we got Kevin Williams who absolutely dominated for us for 10+ years

    BenBen6 kun oldin
  • It should be noted. That the Vikings ended up with the "consolation prize" 6 times pro bowler Kevin Williams. Jacksonville got a bust QB in Byron Leftwich. So yeah ...Karma...

    RainmakerRainmaker6 kun oldin
  • Okay, lets not forget of those three draft picks the Vikings still got the best Player a 3 tech Defensive Lineman named Kevin Williams. The Ravens did select Terell Suggs, which you could argue was better than all of them. None of these teams were vying for the same player.

    lazyidiotofthemonthlazyidiotofthemonth6 kun oldin
  • Go Red Wings!

    Enemy FleetEnemy Fleet6 kun oldin
  • Just glad it wasn't the Jets LMFAO

    Larry HobsonLarry Hobson6 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who thinks the Ravens were the losers here? Vikings still got the guy the wanted and the Ravens missed out on Byron Leftwich, not a world beater as a QB but probably could’ve been their starter for a few years when they were in QB purgatory

    Poison OakPoison Oak6 kun oldin
  • They should have put the Auto-pick feature on

    Matt SMatt S6 kun oldin
  • So there's more to this than meets the eye. First off at that point you got 15 minutes, which makes what I'm about to say more obvious. At the time the Vikings had recently been bought by Red McCombs, a Texas used car salesman.... Seriously, a Texas used car salesman. To no-ones surprise he had gutted the franchise, cutting costs at every opportunity in order to make the most on the resale. This is all documented facts. He would sign the big guys to keep the fans from overtly revolting but let most of the depth and second tier guys go, and hired a cheap first time unprepared coach (Mike Tice). I'm convinced the order was to let the time run out as they didn't think the jaguars would take Kevin Williams. They still got the guy and saved McCombs around a million dollars.

    bill hicksbill hicks6 kun oldin
  • With a title like this you'd think people starting overthrowing tables and starting fires.

    bertmustinbertmustin6 kun oldin
  • Are you having a conversation or taking turns to read off a script?

    U NU N6 kun oldin
  • A 4th and a 6th as a dolphins fan that’s a L to begin with

    Jonny McAllisterJonny McAllister6 kun oldin
  • Could have used the stinger that of all 4 teams, the only one that ended up with a dud here was the jaguars

    StingX2StingX26 kun oldin
  • Couldn't BAL have had a deal in place to run interference on the MIN pick in order to facilitate JAX getting their guy? Perhaps for a past or future considerations situation?

    C.S. S.C.S. S.6 kun oldin
  • I remember this cluster, and it get's even weirder. this was way before the league went to set rates for draft spots. so players could still try and negotiate for tons of money. The Vikings went into the negotiation with the attitude that they picked the player with the 9th pick of the draft. The player went in saying that the Vikings had the 7th pick in the draft. i dont remember how that mess turned out, but i know it was way more of a mess then the normal negotiation for a draft contract

    Keith OuderkirkKeith Ouderkirk6 kun oldin
  • Consummate LOL

    nemesisbreakznemesisbreakz6 kun oldin
  • 10 min is not that much time when you consider trying to make trades

    Steven GreenwaltSteven Greenwalt6 kun oldin
  • Assuming, the vikings got "who they wanted" then they got a number 7 pick at a number 9 price

    jason cowanjason cowan6 kun oldin
  • Why wouldn't they mention that the Vikings selected DT Kevin Williams (5 time 1st team All-Pro and 6 time Pro Bowl)

    GI JosephGI Joseph6 kun oldin
  • Minnesota ? You mean where they let their biggest city burn ?

    Him BikeHim Bike6 kun oldin
  • At least they didn’t draft Ryan leaf

    Him BikeHim Bike6 kun oldin
  • Love the animation of the Viking and the Raven on the phone 📱... *caw caw caw*

    Melanie HaleMelanie Hale6 kun oldin
  • In the salary cap era, do they have to pay their 7th pick, that they picked at 9, the rate of a 7th overall, or a 9th overall. Do the other teams have to pay their players more because they picked 1 spot higher than originally planned? Just wondering.

    C HC H7 kun oldin
  • in the first round each team gets 15 minutes per pick. 10 minutes in the 2nd round.

    Jeffrey StarkJeffrey Stark7 kun oldin
  • This feels very Lioney, so I was very grateful that it wasn’t the Lions.

    TenThumbs ProductionsTenThumbs Productions7 kun oldin
    • lmao.

      John-Paul HuntJohn-Paul Hunt5 kun oldin
    • You ain't Lyon

      Dill PickleDill Pickle6 kun oldin
    • @luvdady Andre Johnson (7 time Pro Bowl WR) was the #3 pick that year....damn. LOL, I have this morbid fascination, I guess, with looking at drafts WAY after the fact and thinking "what if"

      chrisjamesr77chrisjamesr776 kun oldin
    • It would have been if this was the year the VIkies took Troy Williamson with the Moss Trade 1st round comp pick, but no this was the year they took Kevin Williams(DT) who turned out to be a perennial pro bowler.

      lazyidiotofthemonthlazyidiotofthemonth6 kun oldin
    • Same thing here if Detroit could screw it up they will find a way

      luvdadyluvdady6 kun oldin
  • ...I'm not crazy right? Minnesota did not drop the ball here, Baltimore did. Minnesota got blamed, but still got the guy they wanted. Baltimore failed to get the guy they wanted, Leftwich, because they dropped the ball on the phone call. The only blame I can put on the Vikings is that maybe they should have just sent the pick in instead of waiting for the trade to go through, since they were just sitting there watching their clock hit 0

    N JacksonN Jackson7 kun oldin
  • Anyone else not realize it’s been 2 years?

    roodboy606roodboy6067 kun oldin
  • I'm thinking the Ravens "consummated" the Vikings!

    Buster HymenBuster Hymen7 kun oldin
  • Why do people say “like” all the time? Even seemingly intelligent people can’t say a paragraph without making crazy similes that usually describe their feelings.

    Herbie VersaillesHerbie Versailles7 kun oldin
  • Teams get 15 in Rd 1

    eric venetoeric veneto7 kun oldin
  • You cant go wrong with content when you hear the song "Round Up"

    pigGRAYs hombakdpigGRAYs hombakd7 kun oldin
  • Hey geniuses, you're going to want to re-edit this video. Until 2007, teams had 15 minutes to make each pick in the first round.

    Jeff SweeneyJeff Sweeney7 kun oldin
  • Wow that guy is so much hotter over zoom

    Adam McGowenAdam McGowen7 kun oldin
  • I love the actual raven saying "Nevermore Suckers"

    Gabriel GoodloeGabriel Goodloe7 kun oldin
  • skoL

    RobotSquirrelRobotSquirrel7 kun oldin
  • There is no issue with the word consummated. What are you guys, 12?

    ErikErik7 kun oldin
  • I want to be friends with Clara

    Jean PoinceletJean Poincelet7 kun oldin
  • Well, you could have told us this happened 18 years ago from the outset, which clearly makes it less interesting, even not interesting at all.

    AnthonyAnthony7 kun oldin
  • Weirdly enough the pick they got was 1000% the right person and made a great pick with this (it was kevin williams who's probably the best defensive lineman post Randle we've had on our team) The ravens got Suggs with their pick so this was weirdly also a huge win for them

    reed kaliherreed kaliher7 kun oldin
  • You all do realize the Vikings did this twice!!! TWO YEARS IN A ROW!!! Yep. That happened!

    Corey SnootsCorey Snoots7 kun oldin
  • So you're just going to be overtly satanic? Just sell out a little for youtube success?

    TʜᴇCʏɴᴅɪᴄᴀᴛᴇTʜᴇCʏɴᴅɪᴄᴀᴛᴇ7 kun oldin
  • How do you do this whole video about the 2003 draft and not mention they did the EXACT same thing the next year?

    FSR Motorsports SeanSignoreFSR Motorsports SeanSignore7 kun oldin
  • Interesting discussion about a quirky thing that happened at the 2003 NFL draft. Could have done without the silliness, especially about the word "consummate," which is standard lingo in business dealings, and not just about what happens on a wedding night.

    MJ LyonsMJ Lyons7 kun oldin
  • Will has a very nice smile and I appreciate it

    TillmanHenderslamTillmanHenderslam8 kun oldin
  • When you're on the phone with multiple teams trying to make deals and/or making sure the draft pick is on board coming to your team (See John Elway, Eli Manning) then 10 minutes can go by fast. Having said that there still is no excuse knowing how much time you have left. The freaking clock is right in front of them. Then again, how many games have you seen where teams just can't seem to manage the game clock correctly.

    James BrowneJames Browne8 kun oldin
  • Seems like the ravens are the big losers here

    Spencer PuettSpencer Puett8 kun oldin
  • The girl is so awkward 😖

    Greg SmithersGreg Smithers8 kun oldin
  • This was back when each team had 15 minutes to choose their picks in the first round too SMH

    Makaveli The DonMakaveli The Don8 kun oldin
  • Is there any way I can watch this re-live?

    Ukulele ProductionsUkulele Productions8 kun oldin
  • Occam's Razor tells us that the Vikings were being run by morons at the time.

    ValVal8 kun oldin
  • That would be hilarious if that happened in 2021 and the NFL was still using landlines.

    E JE J8 kun oldin
  • Instead of drafting Byron Leftwich, who only had three seasons of 10+ starts in his career, only one of which was above average, the Ravens instead drafted Terrell Suggs who ended up finishing number eight all time in sacks, so I would say they got pretty lucky.

    Connor MConnor M8 kun oldin
  • Not being funny here but Clara has a soothing voice. I always enjoy her narrations.

    Dave PeterzDave Peterz8 kun oldin
  • I mean I'd hope ten minutes is enough for some math problems 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Aditya VarshneyAditya Varshney8 kun oldin
  • Yeah but they got a maybe future H.O.F Kevin Williams DT so the Vikings still had the better pick

    Colin RisonColin Rison8 kun oldin
  • Go Red Wings!

    David KentDavid Kent8 kun oldin